Let’s look what others did

Anne Mooney

Anna Mooney is a BA Honours Photography that went for her Erasmus exchange to study Media at the Universita Cattolica de Sacro Cuoro in Milan, Italy. I love the way how Anna designed her blog. Very simple and minimalistic, nothing is distracting and large number of the wonderful visual material. Also, I can say that she wrote a lot and I really like how casually she did it. It’s very easy to read and understand her feelings. Speaking about feelings, I also liked that Anna is very honest with her audience. In one of the posts, she described how scared she was before the flight to Italy. I find it’s very brave! Good job Anna, I really like your blog!

Anna Mooney

Tara Rutledge

This is a blog of my very good friend and coursemate Tara, you might know her because everyone knows Tara. I can describe her as very communicable and talented person with her own vision of the world. This is why I enjoyed following her blog and see how the Professional Enhancement Year went. From reading I understood that Tara is taking all opportunities that comes her way, she was working in collaboration with Coventry University, BBC CWR, Coventry & District Archaeological Society and Enjoy Coventry. Certainly, I really like Tara’s writing style, it was exciting to read blog posts. However, I would recommend her to work on the visual part of the blog. Tara, I really love pictures that you’re making and I want to see more of them on your blog!

Tara Rutledge

I was wondering what other people from my Exchange are writing in blogs. Tii and I are studying Audiovisual Media at HdM in Stuttgart. I really like how Tii arranged his blog and I find his clear and frank manner of writing very prepossessing. I feel like each post is his thought that we somehow also able to hear. I can see that Tii had a great time travelling, making new friends, working on university projects, studying and doing his favourite sport here in Stuttgart. Keep doing what you like, Tii! Good blog!
Tii Katsande



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