The Rain Production


Rain is a Science Fiction Film set in the year 2058, where artificial intelligence has been implemented into society. Detective Ray Light is called in to interrogate the AI responsible for the murder of multi-millionaire tycoon Orion Charles. The film is a tense mystery, thriller. It explores the theme of human morals and the choices between technology and human beings alike.

Aindriü – scriptwriter and director

Marie-Lou – assistant director

Carla – project manager

Jan – unit manager, castings and postproduction

Nikki – clapper and postproduction

Sean – director of photography

Mitch – camera operator

Lorenz – gaffer

Matus – sound design and catering

Olivier – sound engineer

Iris – production designer assistant

I choose the Production Designer’s role because I feel the passion for this specific area of Film Production. Also, my artistic background and skilled hands will be useful for this role. This script has a great visual potential and it was a big challenge for me to achieve the futuristic look.

Familiarising with the story I got a clear idea of how characters, costumes and locations should look like. I drew sketches of costumes and made a lookbook to deliver my vision to colleagues. Also, I helped with a poster design for casting call advertising. The colourful poster helped us to draw attention and audition went very well.

Iris and I looked through the script one more time to make a breakdown. I highlighted the locations, props, makeup and costumes that we need for each scene. For convenience I made two pages document that shows what props and costumes we need on each location. This paperwork helped me to pack my bag for the shooting day and stay organized.

After actors and location were approved the funniest part began – shopping. Iris and I ordered clothes online from ASOS, Mango and Zara. For furniture and decorations we went to the Ikea. In total we spent about 400€ euros, however, we manage to return most of the items and the final budget was around 100€!

After the shopping, planning and booking we were ready to Rock&Roll!



I arrived one of the first to prepare the apartment that we found on Airbnb for shooting. For that, I bought neon lights that can be attached to the furniture in order to achieve the futuristic look. For example, the lamp that was a part of apartment’s decor already, in the end, looked absolutely different with a green gel and neon lights.

When the actors arrived on set I dressed them up, unfortunately, we had to pin Luna’s dress because she was smaller than I expected. Also, I made a makeup and Iris helped me with hair styling.

After I was done with my main responsibilities I took some backstage pictures. The first day of filming was successfully over. However, we run over the time a little bit, however, the owner didn’t complain.




DAY 2&3

The second and third day we were filming the main sequence in our University. We transformed our regular TV Studio into the interrogation room simply turning off the lights and using lamps above the table. Basically, everything was in the studio already apart chairs, we bought them in the Ikea. Also, we made some shots outside the studio in the hall way.


As usual, Iris and I arranged costumes, done actor’s makeup and hair and we started shooting. I can say that our camera team was very creative with solving problems. For example, to get smoother shoot Mitch sat at the table on the trolley that was pushed by Lorenz and Sean. I think that everyone has done excellent job.



The first location that day was a botanical garden at Wilhelma. Unfortunately, we arranged to have only 1 hour to film two-minute scene. For this reason, I’ve met with Anna in the morning at her place to prepare for the filming as her makeup and hair takes the most of the time. Despite the strict time limit we manage to finish on time, however, after that we had to run back to the Univerity and finish the main sequence of the film before Anna will have to leave. In my opinion, it was one of the most stressful days because of the time restriction but we managed to get everything done before actress left.


This day we were shooting the opening sequence of detective Ray coming to the police station. Our friends volunteered to play extras on the street. It was the hardest day for Iris and me because we had to dress 6 people, do the makeup and hair in 2 hours. While the team was filming Ray driving Tesla car, I was doing my magic. I’m very proud of the looks that Iris and I made. Using the minimum of resources we reached the optimal result. Our goal was to achieve a full potential of this script and I hope we made it!

It was a hard day after an exhausting week of shooting, the weather was cold and unpredictable and again very short on time. However, we survived it and after we had a little celebration of Mitch’s birthday.


I’m glad to be a part of this amazing project. Working with students from different counties I developed my communication and professional skills. I become more familiar with Short Film production process. Without hesitation, I can say that this project was the most professional in my experience.
To sum up, I’m satisfied with the final result and can’t wait to see our work at Film Festivals. It was a pleasure to be a part of The Rain Production!


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