University can be fun!

Yes, the university can be fun, if you say YES to everything that it’s offering! During my exchange, I visited some events that were organised for International and not only students and never regret it!


Let me explain first the meaning of Kükennacht, küken stands for chicken and nacht is the night, so, the literal translation is Chicken Night but in fact it’s a freshers’ party. Only once a semester the place that used to be the University at the daylight turns to the club at night. You can access and enjoy the party only if you’re HdM student. That gives you the benefit of the cheap beers, souvenir shop and students at the DJ set. However, don’t drink too much or you won’t be able to run away from the reporter with the camera.

Pub Crawl

No translation needed in this case, everyone knows what is Pub Crawl. For those unlucky people who don’t know, Pub crawls is a tour around as many pubs as possible in one night and of course, you have to drink in each. In my opinion, it’s a great opportunity to connect with new coursemates, see the city and find a perfect Pub for yourself.

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A trip to the German restaurant 

To try the best local food our group of 60 people ordered a table, in fact, 6 tables, at Bauhaus. I’ve shared Brauhaus Spezial (a little bit of everything) with my friend Margo and it was delicious!

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Movie Night

A fresh movie, popcorn, fizzy drink and comfy chair is a key to a perfect evening. Also good when you have someone who shares this perfection with you. Last time we’ve watched Ghost in the Shell, the majority agreed that night was great, but movie not so much.

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International Day

This event has more official status than other but that doesn’t make it less fun! The main purpose of International Day is to present your country and interest German students in going study abroad. I decided to help Anastasia, my Latvian friend, to present our country. (sorry Coventry University but we were too many anyway) We were lucky enough to find Latvian Society in Stuttgart that provides us with traditional dresses. Also, each table has 30 euros budget for student’s bait like food and free souvenirs. We spent this money mostly on Latvian traditional food and that worked out! Our table was quite popular.

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Media Night

Cinema with student’s works, virtual reality suits, games and other innovations, everything that students worked on for last semester will be shown at the Media Night.


In the end, I would like to add a couple words about Buddy program in HdM. Without these lovely people who organised some of these events for us, this post won’t exist and my exchange experience won’t be so bright and fascinating. Thank you very much!




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