Travelling around Germany and more

Trip to Bodensee

My first trip destination in Germany was Bodensee in Konstanz. This very famous lake is located in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. In a good weather condition, you can see the Swiss Alps from the German shore. Unfortunately, it was a little bit foggy that day, so, I couldn’t see the mountains, however, Konstanz city itself is very beautiful and worth seeing.

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Trip to Heidelberg

Heidelberg is the best example of a classic German city. Gothic streets made of the cobblestone, a castle on the top of the hill, a beautiful 18th-century bridge and even the Student Jail. I’ve visited Heilderberg twice: in Winter and Spring. During the Winter the city is adorned with snow and Christmas markets entice with the smell of the food. During the spring I went for a walk to the Heidelberger Schloss. The castle ruins are in the number of the most important Renaissance structures north of the Alps. Inside I found the Big Barrel, extremely large wine vat. Approximately 130 oak trees were used in its construction. Also, I visited Pharmacy museum and enjoyed the view over the Neckar river.


Home to the oldest university in Germany, Heidelberg, have another intriguing object that worth seeing. Starting from 1778 Studentenkarzer was an official jail for Students but it wasn’t very strict. Students spent their time reading books, painting on walls and even drinking beer. Get in this jail was an honour among young people. A student could get there simply for violation night curfew or bad behaviour. I’m glad that nowadays Student Jail is just an attraction for tourists.

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Trip to Zurich

The largest city in Switzerland offers a wide range of attractions – over 50 museums and more than 100 art galleries, a huge collection of fountains and stunning view on the Alps. But before to go there I visited Rheinfall – he largest waterfall in Switzerland.

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After I crossed the border, left the European Union, I entered the wealthiest city in Switzerland. The first place in Zurich that I visited was Christmas Market, after I explored the historical part of the city, saw the Santa Claus’ parade and Swarovski Christmas tree a value of 4 million dollars.

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Trip to Tübingen

Everyone loves chocolate but when it turns into art it’s even better. ChocolART is Germany’s biggest chocolate festival. The ChocolART offers chocolate tastings, cocoa painting and chocolate cooking courses.


Trip to Berlin

I couldn’t imagine a better place to visit in Germany on Christmas. Berlin is a city of diversity, fashion, art and history. It took 6 hours by train to get there and the very first place that Anastasia and I saw was brand new Main Train Station. It created a feeling of the modern and busy city. After that we took a walk at night city observing the main sights of the city like Alexanderplatz, TV Tower, Berlin Cathedral, Reichstag building and Brandenburg Gate.


Next day we went to see the main historical and artistic monument in Berlin, a place called East Side Gallery. “The East Side Gallery is understood as a monument to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the peaceful negotiation of borders and conventions between societies and people” –  Künstlerinitiative East Side Gallery e.V. When I’m thinking about Berlin, I’m not thinking of beer and pretzels. I imagine the mural of Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker kissing. I’m glad that I had a chance to see it in real life!


The Christmas in Germany is the biggest festival of the year. The city got decorated, everyone is busy buying presents and Christmas Market are open for visitors. I really love the last one because of many festive booths and attractions such as ice rink, Ferris wheel, music and, of course, authentic food. This is something new for me but since now my Christmas table will always have Glühwein and Bratwurst!


Trip to the Black Forest

Germany’s biggest nature park in size of 6,009 km² with mountains, lakes and valleys is a popular destination for tourists. I had an amazing adventure and beautiful view at Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald, the path that is 1,250 meters long and up to 20 meters high. At the end of a walk is located a huge tower that allows you to see over the treetop. The best part is that this 40-meter high tower has a slide and, surely, I tried it as well.

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Before to go back home we visited another place – Baden-Baden. It made me wonder “Are we still in Germany?” Very pretty houses in pastel colours and with cut corners, it looks more like a cosy little French town. However, Baden-Baden architecture was heavily influenced by French trends. As a big lover of Russian classic literature, I dreamed to visit this city for a long time. Many writers came here for inspiration. For example, Dostoyevsky wrote The Gambler while was playing at the town’s casino. Also, Baden was mentioned in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and Turgenev’s Smoke.

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