The Cannstatter Volksfest or how locals call it simply Wasen is a massive beer festival with a travelling funfair in Stuttgart. Usually, it takes place from late September to early October. Germans dress up traditional clothing, lederhosen for men and dirndl for women. Interesting fact that the knot on the dirndl’s apron can tell woman’s marital status. A knot tied on the left side indicates that she is single, and right side means that she is married or not interested. Visitors can enjoy live music in Beer tents, delicious street food, fun rides on the roller coaster and of course beer!

20171007_164604782_iOS copy

Wasen is considered to be the second largest beer festival in the world after the Munich Oktoberfest and it hosts more than 4 million people! Largest tent Schwaben Bräu is offering room for about 5,200 people. If you didn’t book a table in advance, you almost have no chances to get in! However, there is a lot of fun outside the tents. Wasen has a wide range of street food, starting from Bratwurst, German sausages, and ending with Lebkuchenherzen, gingerbread hearts. Lebkuchenherzen usually has writings on it, like “I love you”, “The Best Husband”, “Princess” and e.t.c. It also goes with ribbon, so, you can dress gingerbread heart as a necklace.

My favourite part of the festival is funfair! 60 meter Ferris wheel, Alpina roller coaster, free fall Powertower, boosters revolution and many others! During the festival I rode 5 different attractions and got the enormous amount of positive emotions. I would recommend visiting Ferris wheel because on the top point you get a very beautiful view of the festival.


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