GraffITALY: Story of Edoardo Doppler

As a part of my module, I was asked to leave the UK to make a new footage that can be used later to contribute to my coursework. I decided to make a step further and make a Documentary while being outside the country. I was always dreaming of visiting beautiful city Rome in Italy. I wanted to explore not only tourist destinations of it but also watch a people life in districts. I started searching for new contacts on Facebook and met Eduardo Doppler. He told me a story about his childhood in Via del Trullo, an area in Rome, the most hidden places of the city covered with graffiti artworks.


I found that Eduardo is also intrigued by the idea to make a documentary film about the Street Art in Italy and we started to work on this project together. I travelled to London specially to have a conversation with Edoardo, take addresses of the graffiti and record the interview. He gave some useful advises how better get to the places and also some general tips for the foreigner in Italy.


After this session I made a research and plan for my journey. I found another interesting place to visit in Rome – Galleria Varsi. It is “dynamic and well-organised gallery that hosts regular exhibitions by noted Italian and international street artists.” (Wanted in Rome 2015) I considered the transport logistics, travel expenses, booked the accommodation, flight tickets and risks that possible for this trip. My first destination was Verona simply because tickets there were cheaper than a direct flight. I also made a research of street art in Verona but, unfortunately, I was not able to find any addresses. I tried contact very famous street artist Blu, however, I didn’t get any reply.

I should say that the filming was very successful. I didn’t know what to expect from the location but it appears peaceful and lively area with very active and friendly people. Everything went as it was planned. I had spare batteries and memory cards, so, there was no problem with the technical part.



This documentary is about the beginning of the street art movement in Rome telling by Edoardo Doppler. He witnessed the history of Rome’s graffiti art that has impacted his choice of the future career. He is telling us a story of how he became a member of the most influential street art society Via del Trullo, an area in Rome. How they were working, explaining the philosophy of the group and story of their split. We will follow the streets covered with artworks of the movement he joined and witnessed its evolution, background and development.

The Graffiti movement is gaining popularity over the world because it is not vandalism in the public eye anymore. However, the Government with the outdated laws keeps charging artists for their works, for example, Alice Pasquini was fined800€. (Widewalls 2017) I’m planning to distribute the Graffittaly: Story of Edoardo Doppler on film festivals and see if this work can draw public attention.

Wanted in Rome (2015) Interview with Massimo Scrocca from Galleria Varsi [online] available from
<; [27 March 2017]

<; [27 March 2017]


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