The idea for interactive, entertaining and educational workshop come up as a street prank. We thought it would be funny to surround a random person on the street with a film production crew, give him a script, props and ask to improvise in front of the camera. Suddenly, this suggestion said as a joke inspired us for something bigger.


On the first meeting we agreed on a final concept and goal of the project. A role play workshop about Film Production engaging people of Coventry. A production crew shows their excellent skills and friendly answer on questions about it. Our special tour guide attracts people from the street, explain to the practitioners the duties of each role. Also, they are able to try one of the presented positions.


After the session we proceeded preparations for Day X. Allan got a permission from City Council for filming on the Godiva’s Square. Maria worked with the production crew. Husain took care of Social Media and promoting. I found actors, so we could run the audition. Also, I made a poster design combining my drawing and Photoshop skills.

Photo 2

On our second meeting we scheduled the workshop day, found members for a production team who are perfectly suitable for roles. Allan and I booked necessary equipment and we run the first rehearsal.

We faced some problem during the rehearsal. The first one was the Tour Guide speech. Reginald wasn’t sure how to deliver the information so I wrote a script for him. Also, we discuss different risks and ways how we can protect the equipment from the rain, wind and thieves. However, we solved these problems as well. The Gazebo is a perfect rain and wind protector. Husain’s friends agreed to work as security and track the equipment during the event. So, we’re ready for the last rehearsal!


The weather is sunny and mood is good. We collected the equipment, printed out the posters and ready to start! I stick the role titles on each member’s back to avoid the question who is who on the set. While everybody was busy with setting up, I made a makeup for the actors and check their costumes for the first scene. We started workshop right in time. A first people were shy but I could guess (tell) the interests on their faces. However, our tour guide started to speak with people, answer questions and invite to participate. Some people did and this was great!

I can say that this event had a success in the young audience between 10 to 29 years old. They found this workshop entertaining, very educational and would love to visit it on regular basis to increase filmmaking skills. To conclude, I would say that I’m satisfied with the group work.


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